A GrillCraft Ocular Series LED Installation - Universal Guide Installation Details

A GrillCraft Ocular Series LED Installation - Universal Guide

Products : SYC2-16 , LHS-16HL96 , XH30-275

Install Step #1:
Our Ocular Series LED Light features an optional Plug-&-Play harness giving you the ability to install these lights on your vehicle without any hassles.
Install Step #2:
Two lights not enough? Use our optional harness splitters to run up to 4 Ocular Series LED lights on one harness.
Install Step #3:
This instruction will guide you through installing your Ocular Series LED Lights into your mesh grille.
Install Step #4:
Start by disassembling the components of the Ocular LED Light, the back ring will come apart first.
Install Step #5:
Then remove the front ring bezel.
Install Step #6:
Once apart, you'll have the three main parts to the light assembly.
Install Step #7:
Position the front ring bezels in the locations you like. If you want to retain your factory emblem, use its position as a guide.
Install Step #8:
Using a paint marker, trace the inner bezel opening onto the mesh grille.
Install Step #9:
Pro-Tip: Position the bezels around a centered mesh diamond, this will ensure a perfect cut.
Install Step #10:
You will need a 3-3/8 Hole Saw to cut the mesh to the right diameter. This can be found online or in the tools section of a well-stocked home improvement store.
Install Step #11:
Pro-Tip: Place the mesh grille on a piece of wood to center the hole saw and to buffer the movement.
Install Step #12:
Center the hole-saw and cut the opening.
Install Step #13:
With the hole cut, the grille should look as so.
Install Step #14:
Place the front bezel ring into the opening and check fitment. Use a paint marker to mark and then cut any sections needing clearance for the mounting screws.
Install Step #15:
Place the front bezel back into the opening and place all six stainless bolts through each opening.
Install Step #16:
Place the light into the grille from the back and attach the rear mounting ring.
Install Step #17:
With the nuts affixed to the rear mounting ring, adjust the light to the desired position and tighten the hardware.
Install Step #18:
With the installation complete, the grille assembly is ready for installation on the vehicle. Please refer to the specific vehicle installation for your application.

These installations steps pertain to the following vehicles:

Year Make Model Submodel Fitment Notes