Toyota Tacoma MX Series Upper Grille Installation Details

Toyota Tacoma MX Series Upper Grille

Products : TOY1946B , TOY1946S

Install Step #1:
Here is the GrillCraft Custom Mesh Grille kit for the Toyota Tacoma.
Install Step #2:
Here is our project Toyota Tacoma in need of a GrillCraft Sport Grille.
Install Step #3:
Install Step #4:
Remove push clips on the top of the grille shell.
Install Step #5:
Pull up on the grille to remove.
Install Step #6:
Unclip Toyota emblem from the back side.
Install Step #7:
Place sport grille into opening while holding in place mark the top mounting tab hole location.
Install Step #8:
Drill top mounting screw holes using 3/16 drill bit.
Install Step #9:
Place upper mounting screws in place first then mark lower mounting screw location.
Install Step #10:
Drill lower mounting screw holes then fasten grille to the grille shell.
Install Step #11:
Optional cutting out the center is a option for a clean look it also makes inserting the grille screws easy.
Install Step #12:
Optional Removing the center bar.
Install Step #13:
Optional A look at the grille shell with the center removed.
Install Step #14:
Now your talking!!!!!!!!!!!!
Install Step #15:
The fit of the GrillCraft Grille is awsome!!!!!!!!!!
Install Step #16:
GrillCraft Grilles are Quality!!!!!
Install Step #17:
Optional Painting the area behind the grille flat black makes for a clean look!!!!!!!!!!
Install Step #18:
Looking Good with GrillCraft's Toyota Tacoma mesh grille in Black Powder Coat Finish!!
Install Step #19:
Shown here in silver color without cutting the grille shell center.