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Grille Installation Process Printable Version
        GMC Sierra '03-'07 Upper Grille (GMC-2013)
Part # GMC-2013B
Part # GMC-2013S

Picture #1:
Here is our GMC MX-Series Sport Grille Kit Part# GMC-2013 available in silver or black powder coat finish.

Picture #2:
Our project GMC Sierra in need of a GrillCraft Custom Mesh Sport grille for added styling.

Picture #3:
Start by removing the plastic clips that secure the grille cover as shown.

Picture #4:
Remove the plastic grille cover.

Picture #5:
Remove the bolts along the top of the grille shell.

Picture #6:
Unfasten the grille shell clip located in signal lamp area it may help to push it from the backside.

Picture #7:
Unclip the grille shell.

Picture #8:
The entire grille shell can now be removed.

Picture #9:
These grille ribs will be cut out.

Picture #10:
Using a saw cut the stock plastic grille ribs out.

Picture #11:
Removing center section.

Picture #12:
The grille shell waiting for the mesh grille insert.

Picture #13:
Insert the Sport Grille from the front side as shown.

Picture #14:
Press corners down firmly while marking the side bracket center hole location using a sharp scribe.

Picture #15:
Drill a 3/16 hole for the bracket mounting screws.

Picture #16:
Fastening hardware.

Picture #17:
Fasten the grille with supplied screws and fasteners as shown.

Picture #18:
GMC Sierra Mesh Grille insert installed.

Picture #19:
GrillCraft Grilles the best!!!!!!!!

Picture #20:
Looking Good!

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